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What if you took yourself as

seriously as you took your job?

The Real Truth

Let me say something really unpopular: there is a lot about teaching right now that is messed up, and you can’t really change most of it.

You cannot magically improve your working conditions or raise your salary. You can vote and organize for change, of course, and should.

But that is not your daily work. Your work is teaching.

And especially in the last couple of years, your work has gotten impossibly hard.

You have been told to do more with less. The list of outcomes you are accountable for has only gotten longer. Your students are struggling like they never have before.

And it seems everyone is saying that if you just practiced better self-care — or had better boundaries — or weren’t invested so much in your students’ lives — then everything would be okay.

As if it were that simple.

The Answer

But thriving in our work is not really about self-care, or boundaries, or how much we are invested. It starts way deeper than that.

It starts with paying as much attention to your own inner life as you do to your students.

It is about creating an inside world you can dwell in that is both functional and beautiful.

At the individual level, where we actually work every day, I think burnout is a design problem.

And to address it, you need to design a new inner life. From the ground up.

This probably sounds weird. That’s good.

Because if you do the same things you have done before, you will probably get the same outcomes.

Are you ready to try something different?

free resources for teachers to prevent burnout

Resources to Refuel

At Red Bird Workshop, we offer several free resources for educators like yourself to start designing a new inner life that you love today. A four-week course to help you make lasting changes. A daily practice that can help you build new patterns. A magic machine to give you back your mind. And a community of other educators who want the same thing you do.

Begin today to change little things — and everything.

The Problem is the Solution

Teaching is not the cause of your burnout. Teaching from an inside place that brings you joy…will bring you more joy.

The work is making those inside changes, and learning how to be in the world on its terms.

The teaching is the joy.

You became a teacher to feel great about what you are doing with your life. Isn’t it time you started to?

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