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The Sacred and the Shock

I wrote this post in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I feel like I identified the double bind educators find themselves in when they are asked to dig deeper and give more. From March 2020.

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The Fullness of Emptying Out

When I am away from teaching, I am resting up — but I am also uniquely tired. Why does work give me energy? I explored this paradox in summer of 2019 and still think I found something important about our work.

Down To The Bones

I had a powerful experience while taking my eldest son on a college tour, when I got the chance to visit my old middle school on a Sunday. From September 2017.

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Sustainable Practice: “Thriving, Not Surviving”

Here’s an address I gave ten years ago about the topic of sustainable practice for teachers — really the first time I got it all in one place! From April 2012.

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