Here is some wonderful coverage of a collaboration I co-led last year with a colleague at Winston-Salem State University!!

Much of my service work has been at the institutional level. I have co-chaired the University Planning & Priorities Council, a University-wide body that brings together faculty and key staff leadership to collaborate with the Provost on campus-level strategic planning. I have also served for several years on the Appalachian Humanities Council; in fall 2018, I spearheaded a one-day symposium “Stories of Caring, Health, and Community,” which brought national leaders in the “narrative medicine” and other story-based care interventions to our campus to explore the power of these ideas for our setting.

At the College level, I serve as Associate Director of the Doctoral Program in Educational Leadership, where I manage the internship and qualifying exam processes, advise students, and connect with the Carnegie Program on the Education Doctorate (CPED). I also serve on the Conceptual Framework Committee, and continue to act as faculty liaison to our extraordinary Appalachian Community of Education Scholars (ACES) (now with video!).

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