podcast about music and burnout prevention

The Podcast

RecPlayRewind is a podcast BY educators, FOR educators, about the music that keeps us going. Conversations about songs that we loved when we were in school, and why music still matters to us. And the jam to get you through today!

If I Ruled the World

An awesome conversation about how Nas’ (featuring Lauryn Hill) monster single helped my guest Ashley connect with her family, her power, and her future.

If I world the ruled podcast episode


How Kelly Clarkson’s song helped my guest Jennifer come through a divorce and a major life change!


How a deep track from Carole King’s 1971 record “Tapestry” helps my guest Julie connect with her past and her future!

A Whole Mood — You Mess Me Up

A slammin’ funk jam from The New Mastersounds for your Friday!.

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