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Designing a new inner life is work that we choose to do for ourselves.

We will soon offer three 28-day self-guided personal development courses to help you do just that.

But right now we have one course to get you started.

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online personal development courses for teachers and educators - 3 levels of burnout prevention

Most burnout prevention does not acknowledge that we have to attend to our inner lives before we even begin to think about our students, our classrooms, and our schools. At Red Bird Workshop, we begin at the beginning. At the core.

educator personal development course 1: turning to ourselves

Level 1: Turning To Ourselves

The “weather in our heads”. This is where we need to start if we really want to change our experience of our practice. Nothing else is possible until we do; and once we do, new things become possible. You will learn how to become aware of your inside life, and how to identify and manage the many stories you tell yourself that determine how you feel. You will begin to use the FORD Method to transform your inside life, and begin gentle and compassionate practices that will help you work happier, more effectively — and more sustainably.

Level 2: Turning to Our Work

This is the level of our choices in the world; it includes important topics you have probably already considered, but from a whole new perspective that comes from having done the inside work first. You will learn about a whole new approach to self-care and boundaries that you can actually start to use — and a new way of thinking about “professional love” that both meets your students’ needs and takes care of yourself.

teacher burnout prevention course 2: turning to our work
burnout prevention course 3: turning to the world

Level 3 :Turning To The World

Once we have redesigned out internal life to be a place we can dwell in, and have tuned our work choices to support our thriving, we are ready to focus on the big issues that make school such a challenging pace to be. You will learn about the real factors that impact students success (hint: it is not all about “teacher quality”) and explore how to find ways to make lasting change that can transform your school environment for the better.

Ready to Design Your Life?

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