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free resources for burnout prevention for teachers and educators and administrators

Resources to Refuel

The best stuff I have to offer to prevent burnout is “hidden in plain sight”: they are steps you can take RIGHT NOW, that are free!


The FORD Method

The FORD Method is where redesigning your inner life starts. It is a four-step process that can instantly transform your minute-to-minute experience of teaching from suffering to joy. You can use it every day, all day, to reset your inner life and find peace in the storm. It’s really that powerful. And you can begin today, for free.

Perfect Page Practice

Perfect Page Practice is a way to gather up and hold onto the beauty and wisdom that each day offers us. It uses reflection and writing to deepen your connection to what is sacred about your place, your time, and your practice — a connection that fortifies you against burnout and helps you find a way through to a transformed approach to teaching. It is simple and powerful. And you can begin using it tonight, for free.


This is where I share insights and new tools I am developing to help you tune into what is wonderful about your practice. Sign up to receive notifications when there’s new stuff!


I love music, and my podcast “RecPlayRewind” is where I talk about music that helps me connect to what matters most in my life and interview interesting folks about why music matters to them. Check it out!

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