audit culture in Charlotte-Meck

Check out this broadcast of WFAE’s “Charlotte Talks,” which discusses upcoming funding challenges in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools but along the way gives some insight into the “audit culture” as it looks in school right now. I only heard the first 15 min live but imagine the rest of the hour is also time well-spent.

What most got my attention was the amount of data being gathered as part of teacher performance review – the form so long the reporter thought she was being handed a whole stack of them.


CMS Reporters Roundtable
Education in Mecklenburg County is in the news once again. As budget concerns and cuts loom for next year, parents, teachers, administrators and students alike are anxious about what the cuts will be and how they’ll affect our schools. Today we’re joined by a panel of journalists who cover education in our county. We’ll discuss the proposed cuts, what the next steps are and how Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools plans to continue offering a quality public education when faced by significant cuts several years in a row.

Lisa Miller
– Reporter, WFAE, covers education
Eric Frazier – Reporter, The Charlotte Observer, covers social media and education
Ann Doss Helms – Education Reporter, The Charlotte Observer

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